Fish N Mate cart












Me playing with a computer (2021) – FiveLineForm and such


sublimity and the church (series) [just thoughts – more to come]

summer of 2020

M. M M

kids uh,,,stuff  

grasshopper/feathers  |  cut leaves  |  sidewalk chalk 

root series, mixed media – 2016-2019

Greenbrier roots  |  house paint  |  wall installation  |  graphite and Pilot paint pens on paper

shells and found objects / graphite on paper / graphite on Yupo paper

shells  |  rocks  |  sand dollars  |  skulls  |  sharks teeth

clouds and more clouds

cloud / golden mean series (2016/17) mixed media



Haiti on the ground, Winter 2010 not long after the quake.  

Work/Installations based on Haitian debris.

Haiti debris documented by Michael Legrand.


Phantom limb series (grad school days)

48 paintings based upon an arbitrary video clip.  Those that paint.  Those that paint…Why do we still paint?  If we still paint, what do we paint?  

…more to come, thoughts I mean…